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Teichert on Fox News discussing prepare to deploy orders.

Teichert on News Nation again this week discussing Israel’s military strategy, stating in part, “they have the right and the responsibility to strike against Hamas to defend themselves.”

Teichert joined a Crisis in the Classroom debate panel stating that “we need leaders to be passionate about this issue; we’ve got kids, we’ve got families that have no way out.”

On the Trail…


On Wednesday, October 25th, John shared a video discussing his solution to the southern border crisis in less than 25 words. Watch the full video here.

“Secure the border; let immigrants in and allow immigrants to stay that are a benefit to society; clarify, simplify, and communicate our policies.”

Teichert continues to highlight the failures of Washington to solve our border crisis  and continues to push the need for leadership, not politics, in Washington, D.C.

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