ICYMI: John Teichert joins Fox to discuss tensions in the Middle East

Baltimore, MD – In case you missed it, Maryland U.S. Senate candidate and retired Brigadier General John Teichert joined Jon Scott to address the rising tensions spreading throughout the Middle East and beyond on Fox News.


“The concern is that the fairly weak, late response from Syria from a couple of nights ago combined with almost an apologetic statement by the Secretary of Defense likely entices Iran instead of deterring Iran,” Teichert told Fox Reports.

When asked whether or not he believes that there is a “target list” prepared that the U.S. would be willing and prepared to pursue, Teichert responded, “It’s very wise for the United States to be extremely strong in our outcomes with respect to response to attacks against Americans- and there are several targets that we could hit in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere. And again, my concern is that unless we can demonstrate strength, capability, will, and resolve, it likely just gives a green light to Iran that we are weak, and they can continue to attack through their proxies.”

Teichert’s comments follow Israeli ground invasions and air operations throughout the Gaza Strip over the weekend. Calls for a ceasefire have increased internationally as anti-Israel protest groups gather on college campuses and government property.

When asked about Israel’s war plan in response to international anti-Israel sentiment, John stated in part, “They (Israelis) care more about Palestinians than Hamas does, but it certainly does play into the Israeli war plans that they need to maintain some level of worldwide support.”

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