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On Monday, General Teichert joined Marni Hughes on NewsNation to discuss the deadly attacks in Jordan that killed three Americans over the weekend. When asked about retaliation options facing the Pentagon, Teichert responded, “We have been striking some of these proxy groups now for a while, though again, very weak and very late. But there are Iranian positions around the world–especially in Iraq and in Syria, and some Iranian boats in international waters. Those types of targets now are very much on the table to try to reestablish the deterrence that we’ve lost at least three months ago, if not three years ago.”

On Tuesday, General Teichert joined David Webb on Sirius XM to discuss the current conflicts in the Middle East and perceptions of American strength. General Teichert stated in part, “For the last three years, we have lost our ability to deter, and now the President talks about regaining deterrence–ultimately the best way to regain it is never to lose it. And because he and his policies have demonstrated weakness chronically for the last three years, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get back to a deterrent posture until we have an administration that exudes strength, capability, will, and resolve.”

John Teichert was pleased to join NewsNation again on Wednesday to discuss threats made to the U.S. by Iran after the drone strikes that killed three Americans over the weekend. Teichert stated in part, “If we are scared to stand strong and demonstrate strength, capability, will, and resolve, then we are just going to continue to see this series of attacks like we’ve seen 170 of in the last four months. But the problem with deterrence is that it only works when you demonstrate strength, and the more weakness is perceived by Iran, the more likely it is that they’re going to continue to sponsor these types of attacks.

John Teichert was thrilled to join Bob Miller on The Morning News Express over at WFMD to discuss his bid for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland and the conflict between Texas and federal border patrol agents over razor wire on the southern border. The General said of the issue, “There is a multi-faceted crisis going on at the border that is caused by the Biden Administration. It’s a public health problem, a public safety problem, a humanitarian crisis and a national security crisis. It starts by securing the border, and that should be a partnership between the federal government and the states- not this wrestling match where the Biden Administration is opening the border to Chinese fentanyl and national security threats when states like Texas are just trying to survive and hold off the onslaught because of the failure of policies in the Biden Administration.”

John Teichert joined C4 and Bryan Nehman on WBAL this week to further address the attacks on American troops in Jordan, and how the U.S. should respond. Teichert said, “There are Iranian sites within Syria, Iranian bases, that would be perfect targets for us to strike. We’ve only hit proxies thus far. The Iranians don’t care if he hit proxies, we can hit proxies all day, but until we start taking the fight to Iranian positions, specifically it’s less escalatory to do so in Syria or maybe Iranian ships, like the ones that are helping the Houthis target out nautical flow through the Red Sea. Those are great targets in an international space that would be less provocative but would hurt Iran in a way that would cause them to finally respect us.”

Endorsement Alert!

This week, General Teichert was honored to receive endorsements from Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis and Allegany County Sheriff Craig Robertson. Read why they support John  Teichert for U.S. Senate here.

Thoughts by Teichert

On January 27th, John Teichert honored Holocaust Remembrance Day by reading scripture and reminding us the importance of preserving the Holocaust’s memory and fighting against modern forces that strive for similar goals. Watch his full video here.

In his latest blog, General Teichert reflected on his own interactions with security forces personnel as Commander of Joint Base Andrews and Edwards Air Force Base, and how leadership, not politics, can instill support for law enforcement and restore order to Maryland streets. Read his full article here.
General Teichert shared his thoughts on America’s insufficient national security strategy against current and future threats using his 33 years of experience in the Air Force and his experience as commander of Edwards Air Force Base. Read his full article published by Real Clear Defense.

Upcoming Events

This coming week, General Teichert will continue to campaign around the state of Maryland and meet with as many voters as he can. Here are some of the places he’ll be in case you’d like to come stop by!

Women’s Republican Club of Kent Island and Queen Anne’s County

February 15th at 7 PM

El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

1235 Shopping Center Rd, Stevensville

MD 21666, USA

Garrett County GOP Candidate Forum

February 17th from 12–5 PM

Garrett College Performing Arts Center

687 Mosser Road

McHenry, MD 21541

Allegany County GOP Candidate Meet and Greet

February 19th from 10AM–7PM

Allegany County Fairgrounds

11400 Moss Ave

Cumberland, MD 21502, USA

Leisureworld Republican Club

February 21st at 1:30 PM

Clubhouse I

3700 Rossmoor Blvd

Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA

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