ICYMI: Teichert Joins Fox to Discuss U.S. Strikes Against the Iranian-Aligned Groups

BALTIMORE, Md. – In case you missed it, retired Brigadier General and U.S. Senate candidate John Teichert joined Fox and Friends on Sunday to lend his expertise on last week’s retaliatory strikes against Iranian-Aligned Groups.


General Teichert determined that the U.S.-led strikes in the Middle East were weak and late, affirming that “It is far more difficult to regain deterrence in the mind of an adversary than it is to retain it.”

Amid a confusing and deficient defensive strategy, Teichert addressed the Biden Administration’s admitted fear of starting a wider war saying, “We see a wider war already–not because of American strength, but American weakness.”

Teichert has been critical of the Biden Administration’s lack of deterrence against Iranian-aligned terrorist organizations since October 7th stating that “if we would have done this [retaliate] after the first attack against American positions, instead of the 170th attack, then we would actually be credible in our deterrent posture.” He continues by saying, “And now, we’re playing catch up after weakness for the last four months, or really the last three years.”

The American response this weekend follows a string of deadly drone attacks over the last few weeks that killed three American service members and injured several more.

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