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This week, John Teichert joined News Nation on several occasions to discuss the hostage deal between Israel and Hamas, the military strategy of the IDF, and the attacks on U.S. military bases by Iranian-aligned groups in recent news.

General Teichert joined News Nation on Sunday discussing Hamas’ intentions with regard to the hostage deal between Hamas and Israel, and the likely continuation of the Israel/Hamas war, explaining, “We’re going to continue to see them [Israel] neutralizing and isolating Hamas especially there in the northern part of Gaza, and they’re going to continue to take the fight to Hamas in a way that forces Hamas to realize that they must capitulate and/or start to release more hostages and it’s in their best interest to do so once they see the continued attacks by the IDF.”

On Monday, November 27th, General Teichert joined News Nation to discuss Israel’s extended pause, Israeli hostage release, and the U.S. role in the Israel/Hamas war, stating in part, “Clearly our deterrent posture is not working. 73 attacks, 70 Americans injured, one American killed; the only way that Iran recognizes that they should stop doing what they’re doing is when they see resolve, capability, strength and will from the United States and these pin-prick attacks that we’ve been undertaking in response to these attacks against U.S. forces have certainly not been enough to stop the Iranian-supported groups.”

General Teichert also joined News Nation on Thursday to discuss the latest on the hostage release news in Israel, stating, “A week ago israel came to the conclusion that they had sufficiently neutralized and isolated Hamas such that they wouldn’t gain a substantial military advantage by having a pause and thus for the last 7 days we’ve rejoiced in seeing some of those hostages released.”

Last week, John joined Fox News to discuss the latest on the Israel/Hamas war, focusing on the ground objectives of the IDF and the claim by Iranian proxies that Hamas’s October 7th massacre was a solo attack, saying in part, “That is so disingenuous, and I hope that our president doesn’t believe it. They, Iran, have been the largest state sponsors of terrorism for the last several decades, we heard the attack, or the ship seizure from the Houthis in Yemen. We talked about Shia militia groups in Iraq and in Syria. We talk about Hezbollah in Iran and Hamas in Gaza; and all of those groups have been supported, equipped, trained, and financed by Iran and we must not believe that they have nothing to do with it.”

John joined Fox 5’s On The Hill to discuss his bid for U.S. Senate in Maryland, addressing key issues facing Marylanders today and how he’ll lead America in the right direction in the U.S. Senate. Teichert shared his message of leadership, not politics, by saying, “I’m a John Teichert wing. I’m a “we the people” wing. I’m an unalienable rights wing. I’m defining myself by getting out to where the people are in places like Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and helping them understand that conservative principles can meet the needs that they really care about.”

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