John Teichert Launches ‘Faith Leaders for Teichert’ Coalition

BALTIMORE, Md. – John Teichert, a retired Air Force Brigadier General and candidate for U.S. Senate in Maryland has announced the “Faith Leaders for Teichert Coalition,” the third coalition of his campaign. Composed of pastors, ministers, and faith leaders across Maryland, this coalition stands united in its commitment to elect a leader, not just a politician, who will support and represent the values and communities of faith.

Chaired by Pastor Tyson of Bowie, Maryland, the ‘Faith Leaders for Teichert Coalition’ is a grassroots movement that seeks to elevate Maryland’s moral compass. “As a life-long resident of Maryland and a longtime friend of John Teichert, I am proud to enthusiastically support him for United States Senate,” Pastor Tyson says of General Teichert. “John is a proven leader, a man of character and integrity, and dedication to the community. He served our great nation in the Air Force, where he represented our nation with honor and distinction. I have had the privilege of being his pastor on two separate occasions. He is not afraid to jump in to assist where needed and has consistently displayed servant leadership. Our Congress is broken, our political leaders broke it. It’s time to elect leaders, rather than politicians to Washington. It’s time to elect a statesman to represent Maryland, who is not looking to win the next election but rather to solve the problems our country faces. John Teichert IS that man.”

Pastor Shiflett who ministers in Baltimore County had this to say, “Throughout my 10 years of service as a pastor in and around Baltimore, I’ve never seen a bigger need for strong, God-fearing leaders to represent Maryland in DC. Our spiritual and moral compass as a nation is faltering. I have had the privilege to spend hours with General Teichert and am convinced that he will do a tremendous job if given the opportunity.” He went on to say that he is “thankful to be part of the Faith Leaders Coalition that will protect the values and people of faith.”

Pastor Arney of Montgomery County explains his reasoning for joining ‘Faith Leaders for Teichert, stating in part, During my years of service ministering pastorally, I’ve witnessed the moral decline of our society and the detrimental impact it has on our faith communities. The problem has only been exacerbated by weak leadership in elected office, specifically by those who refuse to protect the faith community. Maryland needs resolute leaders who will champion our values and safeguard people of faith. That’s why I proudly stand with the Faith Leaders for Teichert Coalition and with General Teichert for the U.S. Senate.” 

Also joining the coalition is Pastor Creed of Prince George’s County, who affirms that amid the dangerous and immoral direction Maryland seems to be heading towards, Teichert is “the right leader for Maryland who supports and protects the values of communities of faith.”

The Faith Leaders for Teichert Coalition is focused on restoring the spiritual well-being of Marylanders, realigning the state’s moral compass, prioritizing leadership over politics, and amplifying General Teichert’s unwavering commitment to faith, family, and community.

The latest coalition rollout follows two other coalitions launched in support of the retired Air Force General in the last few months that are focused on veterans and law enforcement, and a Parents for Teichert Coalition will be launched in the near future.

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