ICYMI: John Teichert Talks Candidacy for U.S. Senate

– In case you missed it, retired Brigadier General, John Teichert, candidate for the U.S. Senate spoke to Gannett about his bid to represent Marylanders in the senate.

Described as a  “military man” with strong leadership skills and a new perspective on Maryland policy, State Sen. Johnny Ray Salling of Baltimore County said of Teichert, “having the leadership skills that he has, I believe he could be a great leader in the U.S. Senate.”

The retired general emphasized his commitment to the four pillar issues of his campaign: national security, crime and public safety, the economy, and education. While traveling around Maryland discussing issues with voters from around the state to learn their greatest concerns, Teichert said, “it really struck me that those issues, the four big ones, are the same for what people care about in Maryland- everyone kept coming back to those.”

While Gannett notes that Teichert approached his campaign with a level of precision expected of someone in his station, those who know him aren’t surprised. The General’s business associate, Jason Korman, said Teichert was “probably the best military leader I’ve ever met in my life.”

Teichert’s bid for the U.S. Senate comes at a time where Marylanders are desperate for leadership, not politics in Washington. With prominent Democratic officials in the state, a Republican candidacy has been deemed “an uphill climb”- one Teichert is capable of overcoming.

Read more about General Teichert’s bid for the US Senate here.
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