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Welcome to Teichert on the Trail, our weekly email highlighting the latest news and events from the campaign as retired Air Force Brigadier General John Teichert crisscrosses the state to earn the hearts, minds, and votes of Marylanders in the race to be their next U.S. Senator. He is a leader and not just another politician!

Teichert in the News

On Friday, General John Teichert responded to the news that former governor Larry Hogan had jumped into the race for the U.S. Senate. You can read John’s full statement above.

On Sunday, General Teichert joined Fox And Friends to discuss the U.S. retaliation strikes in the Middle East over the weekend. Addressing America’s deterrence strategy thus far, the General stated, “If we would have done this after the first attack against American positions instead of the 170th attack, then we would actually be credible in our deterrent posture. It’s far more difficult to regain deterrence in the mind of an adversary than it is to retain it, and now we’re playing catchup after weakness for the last four months or really the last 3 years. And the hope is that finally, they’re starting to believe that America will stand up for our positions- but it’s unlikely that they’ll actually believe it until we show consistency.”

John Teichert joined O’Connor and Company on Friday to discuss developing tensions in the Middle East and his bid for U.S. Senate in Maryland. Explaining how he plans to win the valuable votes of Marylanders, Teichert stated, “I’m running towards conservative solutions, conservative principles, and values. As I talk to people in inner-city Baltimore, or Prince George’s County or Somerset County, or Garrett County, I’m talking about those four big issues that they care about and how they have been struggling because of liberal policies, and that conservatives have the answer to those problems.”

General Teichert joined Fox45 on Friday to address Iranian-subsidized drone attacks against U.S. positions in the Middle East. When asked how to effectively deter Iran, the General responded in part, “Three Americans have been killed, and frankly it was inevitable, because we have been absorbing these attacks for the last four months, and only responding with pinprick attacks. And it’s time to attack something of relevance and significance to the Iranian military- likely in Syria- that will send them the message that America is back with strength, capability, will, and resolve that can restore deterrence.”

John Teichert joined NewsNation on Monday to discuss the impending threat of China’s rapidly- increasing nuclear arsenal. General Teichert explained in part, “The concern isn’t just that they will launch a nuclear strike against the United States, but the phrase ‘intimidate’ is so important. That maybe in our minds, if they conventionally attack Taiwan, we would be dissuaded from engaging or supporting Taiwan because we could be worried that ultimately that would trip a threshold or a red line and would cause the Chinese to attack us with nuclear capability.”

Teichert on the Trail

Endorsement Alert!

This week, General Teichert was honored to receive the endorsement of North Dakota’s Senator Kevin Cramer. Read Senator Cramer’s full statement here.

Thoughts by Teichert

On Groundhog Day, General Teichert connected Bill Murray’s repeated experiences from the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” to the repeated experience that every American must endure- shameful failures of the American government over and over. Watch his video in full here.

John Teichert celebrated his wife, PhD Chemist and Chemistry professor, Melonie Teichert, along with all other Maryland scientists on National Periodic Table Day! Watch his full video here.

John Teichert shared his thoughts on protecting women and girls in sports as a dad of two hard-working female athletes by expressing the importance of preserving the safety and opportunity for female athletes. Watch the full Teichert Talks video here.

Upcoming Events

This coming week, General Teichert will continue to campaign around the state of Maryland and meet with as many voters as he can. Here are some of the places he’ll be in case you’d like to come stop by!

Women’s Republican Club of Kent Island and Queen Anne’s County

February 15th at 7 PM

El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

1235 Shopping Center Rd, Stevensville

MD 21666, USA

Garrett County GOP Candidate Forum

February 17th from 12–5 PM

Garrett College Performing Arts Center

687 Mosser Road

McHenry, MD 21541

Allegany County GOP Candidate Meet and Greet

February 19th from 10AM–7PM

Allegany County Fairgrounds

11400 Moss Ave

Cumberland, MD 21502, USA

Leisureworld Republican Club

February 21st at 1:30 PM

Clubhouse I

3700 Rossmoor Blvd

Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA

Thank you for joining John on the trail as he looks to become the next U.S. Senator for the State of Maryland. Make sure to check out teichertformaryland.com and see how you can donate, get involved, and join the mailing list!

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