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On Thursday, January 25th, General John Teichert joined Sean Casey and Bruce Elliot on WCBM to discuss his bid for U.S. Senate, the recent Law Enforcement for Teichert coalition, and his take on national security at the southern border. When asked about his plan to restore strength, capability, will, and resolve in America, Teichert responded, “Every one of those sheriff’s that I have been talking to can trace back real public safety problems and drug problems here in Maryland to a feckless policy on the southern border. We need to secure our border- that’s number one- and then after we do that, we can have comprehensive immigration reform. But right now, it’s a multi-faceted crisis: it’s a national security crisis, a public health crisis, public safety crisis, and a humanitarian crisis.”

John Teichert was proud to announce a whopping $304,000 in campaign fundraising, thanks to generous donations by supporters across the state who are ready for collaborative conservative leadership in Maryland, and know that General Teichert is the man for the job. Read the full article reported by Hotline here.

Teichert on the Trail

Endorsement Alert!

This week, General Teichert was honored to receive an endorsement from Congressman Mark Green (TN-07), Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Read his full statement here!

Thoughts by Teichert

On Thursday, January 25th, General Teichert shared his respect and gratitude for our medical professional heroes who save lives every day. Watch his full video here

On Friday, January 26th, General Teichert released “Burning Our Resources and Wasting Our Time”, a written piece in which he addresses the chronic dysfunction of Congress after yet another continuing resolution passed last week. General Teichert highlights the shortcomings of governmental dysfunction, and why his background and experience will be able to wrestle our great nation back to where it belongs. Read his full column here.

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