Brigadier General (Ret) John Teichert announced he is running to represent the people of Maryland in the United States Senate

BALTIMORE, Md. — Today, Brigadier General (Ret) John Teichert announced he is running to represent the people of Maryland in the United States Senate.

“I have spent the last 33 years defending our country and ensuring it remains the shining city on the hill, but our flag is faltering. We are disrespected abroad while our politicians fail us at home,” Teichert said in a statement announcing his run. “The narrowly averted government shutdown is yet another reminder that Washington is broken. I am running for the U.S. Senate to replace politics with leadership: restoring order to our porous southern border, breaking the shackles of high inflation and even higher taxes, putting parents in charge of their children’s education, taking back control of our crime-ridden streets, and ensuring that America is respected as the world leader it is.”

With the dream of becoming a fighter pilot awakened during a middle school trip to see Top Gun, Teichert proudly took the oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States at age 17, jumpstarting a 33-year commitment to that oath.

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, Teichert began his career in the Air Force as an F-15E combat pilot before becoming an F-22 test pilot who would log over 2,000 flight hours in 38 different aircraft types over the course of his career. Eventually, Teichert embraced high impact leadership roles where he served as the commander of Joint Base Andrews, commander of Edwards Air Force Base, and the nation’s Senior Defense Official in Iraq, before retiring as the Assistant Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force, International Affairs.

Teichert is married to his wife of 25 years, Melonie, a chemistry professor at the United States Naval Academy, whom he met when taking his oath at 17 years old, and they proudly serve alongside their three remarkable children. They reside in Crofton, Maryland.

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